General Information
Mitzvah Child:
Parents: Siblings (Ages):
Home Phone: Cell Phone:
Mailing Address: City, State Zip:
Event Date: Event Times: to
Venue: Contact/Address:
Photographer: Videographer:
Caterer: Planner/Coordinator:
Meal - Adults: Meal - Children:
Other Ent?: Other Ent. Type:
# of Adults: # of Children:
School: Synagogue:
Service Location: Service Times:
DJs Attire: Theme/Colors:
Facebook Upates:
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Reception Highlights
Is There A Theme?:
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If yes, specify:
Cocktail Hour Music: If multiple music choices, specify:
Grand Entrance:
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People Introduced:
Welcome Speech By Parents:
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By (Name & Relationship):
Who will supply Challah:
Havdallah Ceremony:
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DJ play music?:
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Candle Lighting Ceremony:
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Video Montage:
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Montage created by: Need screen & projector:
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Hora Chair Lift - Child:
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Hora Chair Lift - Sibling(s):
Yes No
Hora Chair Lift - Parents:
Yes No
Guest DJ:
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DJ what song:
Parent/Child Dance:
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Parent/Child Song:
Parent/Child Invite: Host/Hostess Invite:
Host/Hostess Dance:
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Host/Hostess Song:
Centerpiece Giveaway:
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Packages and Options
Lights: Name In Lights:
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Silhouette Screen:
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Music Videos & Karaoke:
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Interactive Dancers:
The Beamz:
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Pucker Powder:
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Party Favors (how many?): Additional Sound System:
Yes No
Yes No
Balloon Artist:
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Candle Lighting Ceremony
Ceremony Music:
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Memory; Grandparents; Aunts, Uncles and Cousins; Neighbors; Friends; Sibling(s); Parents

Candle 1 Guest: Candle 1 Song:  
Candle 2 Guest: Candle 2 Song:  
Candle 3 Guest: Candle 3 Song:  
Candle 4 Guest: Candle 4 Song:  
Candle 5 Guest: Candle 5 Song:  
Candle 6 Guest: Candle 6 Song:  
Candle 7 Guest: Candle 7 Song:  
Candle 8 Guest: Candle 8 Song:  
Candle 9 Guest: Candle 9 Song:  
Candle 10 Guest: Candle 10 Song:  
Candle 11 Guest: Candle 11 Song:  
Candle 12 Guest: Candle 12 Song:  
Candle 13 Guest: Candle 13 Song:  
Candle 14 Guest (optional): Candle 14 Song:  
Sing "Happy Bar/Bat Mitzvah":
Yes No
Who will supply Candles/Candleabra?:
Please e-mail me the poems, so I will have a backup copy with me for you at the party.

Games and Contests
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Music Requests
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